Seeking Stillness

February 11, 2019

Stillness in me

Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find stories and anecdotes from my life, what I’ve read, and from the little and big day to day happenings. You might say this blog is about me, and my changing perception of these things and how Stillness practice shows me a clearer understanding of myself, my whole self, my beauty and my beast. But don’t stop there. If we are mirrors for one another, then my blog will probably reflect something that is going on for you right now. Maybe it's an issue with your ability to see or hear what is being presented to you today, this week, or over the past month. Go beyond what is literally said here, and see if you can see yourself, your beauty and your beast more clearly.

Your Own Stillness

Seeking Stillness

“When you enter a place of stillness, you awaken the divinity within you.” ― Peggy Sealfon, Escape from Anxiety: Supercharge ...
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