Meditation Is a Habit Not a Mystery

Welcome to the Your Own Stillness website, a place where meditation and contemplation lose their mystery. Here are information and direction based on what I’ve learned in over forty years of meditation and contemplation, a practice of fully accepting all that you experience when you become still. You'll also read what writers, speakers, artists, clergy, and scientists have seen, heard, felt, and experienced in their practice. Even more satisfying, you'll find a direct and practical way for you to begin and deepen your own practice. Taking a few moments each day to focus inside and be still is a gift you give yourself and all you know. 


My mission is to bring information, inspiration, and support to all who awaken to the truth inside them through the practice of meditation and contemplation.  

Why Practice Stillness

It's important to find clarity in your life so you know what's real and what to do. Stillness practice begins a process of changes in your perception of yourself and life, bringing clarity as you witness your thoughts and feelings. As witness, you no longer resist or judge, and as you allow yourself to feel what you've resisted before, you accept them. With acceptance, your heart and mind open to what is without desire to change anything, not even yourself. Self-acceptance opens the door to authentic self love, clarity, insight, inspiration, and appreciation.

You see your choices clearly and the way forward way for you.  You no longer question "How can I achieve my goals?" but understand what is right for you now. With this clarity, you take action without reservation or concern, fear or resistance. You lose your doubts and confusion as you move forward in awareness and life This is the clarity you find in stillness practice.

What I Do

This is my opportunity reach out in support in your stillness practice., and the soon to be released book Completely You take the mystery out of practicing meditation and self-awareness. Inspired by forty-five years of practice in meditation and contemplation, this website and Completely You: Release Hidden Beliefs and Meet Yourself in Quiet Stillness Practice, are resources as you grow your stillness practice. The book, the website, and the email and phone number below give information to clear the path as you discover peace, self-awareness, and clarity right inside you.

Contact Me

Take time to look inward and think about what you do in response to stress and overwhelm. Has it been effective, or has it left you frustrated and confused? If you’re struggling with your health, or you're stuck without a sense of moving forward, or if you sense something is missing in life, you might be ready to make stillness a part of your day. When you take ten minutes in stillness and focus your attention inward, noticing your breath, the sensations in your body, and your thoughts, you awaken to what is real in life. Feel and watch these things inside you, become aware of them, and rather than resisting, or trying to give meaning to them, accept them. With practice, your meditation will take you deeper into contemplation to reveal your true self. There you’ll discover authentic self-love and clarity of action within you.

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