Resources to Help You Practice Stillness in Your Life

Your Own Stillness aims to give you relevant information that will help you learn how to practice stillness every day. I have gathered various resources that will hopefully inspire you to transform your life. With these materials, you will be able to reflect on your experiences as well as find the guidance and support you need to find inner peace and acceptance.

Meditation and Contemplation Practice Websites
This comprehensive Catholic-based website offers support for all spiritual practitioners, whether they are religious or not. Its mission is to practically and effectively present the Centering Prayer method of meditation and contemplation to everyone. Free articles and videos of instruction offer inspiration and guidance to support your practice. As an introduction, watch the 12-minute video on the About Us link provided. Then, click on their Resource Guide. This is very helpful for starting and continuing your practice.
I just found this website, but with the free access to meditation audios, it looks like a good one. Let me know what you think.
For our left-brain curiosities, this website presents studies and results for “…an evidence base for the process, practice, and construct of mindfulness.” According to their definition of mindfulness, these are studies in meditation for awareness and acceptance. The monthly bulletin presents abstracts in recent studies and is $35 a year. Archived issues are free online. If you want more in-depth access to the site, you can subscribe as a professional or student.

Caring for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Websites and Apps
Anthony William is a gifted medium of how to nourish and grow your sensitivity to your body. His information, as he puts it, is years beyond current science and research, and free of private interest influence. Having listened to his spirit guide (he calls him simply “Spirit”) since the age of four, Anthony’s message is that you can be the expert regarding your well-being. You can make choices to help your body and mind thrive without emotional or physical pain. AW's, as his readers call him, particular focus, thanks to Spirit’s guidance, is on the value of certain chemicals and nutrients found in organic, whole, living foods and herbs and how they serve the body. His says that with this knowledge you can keep your body fully functioning according to it's design, regardless of environmental toxins, viruses, bacteria, or genetic predispositions. Everything on the site is free, except his books, which he encourages you to get from the library. Follow the link for free classes and download the Podcasts app to listen to Medical Medium Radio. His shows give excellent information, and they're rooted in his passion for everyone to recognize their body, mind, and spirit's power to thrive.


Read individually or collectively, the following books wonderfully introduce what may be a new if not hard-to-imagine perspective on life. They clearly offer a new understanding of what is false and what is real in our world. As you read them, take this information into your own stillness practice. See if you don't move beyond reality as you think you know it.

Your Own Stillness

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz (1997)

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote this book, the first in his trilogy, to say we are all living in a dream. This is the root of Toltec wisdom and training that has been handed down through generations and over thousands of years. His message to the world is that we no longer need to be deceived by “the dream” that is the lies that we’ve agreed to as young children. Instead of seeing through eyes clouded by the dream, we can consciously practice the four truth-based agreements that the author proposes. Choosing to live by these four agreements sets us free to speak and listen in awareness. We can live in the clarity that comes with perceiving the truth. The five-page story in the introduction is priceless. 

Your Own Stillness

The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace, Don Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills (2004)

In the second book of his trilogy, Don Miguel distinguishes the voice of knowledge inside all our heads that we rely on to manage our lives. He describes this knowledge as the perception of good and evil, the same knowledge that Adam and Eve received after eating the forbidden fruit. His message is that this knowledge is based on the beliefs we’ve formed that are so familiar to us, we’ve become unaware of them. They are there and are always controling our every decision. This is the part that changed my life. They are not only invisible to us; they are false beliefs based on false perceptions and interpretations of life. “When we discover that we are not what we believe we are, the foundation of our entire reality begins to collapse.” (54) Don Miguel Ruiz opens our eyes to this and then helps us navigate from dream state on to our awakening. 

Your Own Stillness

The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dome Jose Ruiz, and Janet Mills (2010)

In this third book, the authors review the four agreements presented in the first book. Then, with the fifth agreement, tell you how to authentically love yourself by recognizing the truth within you, and in every living thing. The following is taken from the book cover flap: “Imagine loving yourself just the way you are. You love your body just the way it is, you love your emotions just the way they are.” This book opened my heart and mind to acceptance and love, not only of myself, but all things, beyond just an idea, and available to us all.